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The compa­ny CENSOR Paten­t­an­stalt had been foun­ded in 1946 with regis­te­red office in Vaduz, Princi­pa­li­ty of Liech­ten­stein. For many years – almost 3 deca­des- they success­ful­ly produ­ced CENSOR-measu­ring and sorting machi­nes for the bearing indus­try under the brand CENSOR.

World’s first sorting machi­ne gene­ral­ly came from CENSOR laun­ched in the mid 1950’s – which was called MULTIPLEX – a mile­stone for the ball bearing indus­try as for the first time ever balls could be auto­ma­ti­cal­ly measu­red and sorted in big lots with rela­tively fast speed and in a precisi­on of 1 micron.

In the year 1994 C+M TRAMEC Ltd took over the exclu­si­ve produc­tion and exclu­si­ve world­wi­de distri­bu­ti­on of the CENSOR product line thus beco­m­ing the world­wi­de leading manu­fac­tu­rer of Measu­ring and Sorting machi­nes for rollers.

With the take­over of the produc­tion of CENSOR sorting machi­nes by C+M TRAMEC AG a posi­ti­ve chan­ge of the commer­ci­al philo­so­phy also came along. C+M TRAMEC AG stric­t­ly concen­tra­ted on manu­fac­tu­ring Measu­ring and Sorting Machi­nes and accord­in­gly focu­sed on distri­bu­ti­on and custo­mer orien­ted sales of this tradi­tio­nal and proven product line.

The sorting machi­nes were further deve­lo­ped under the manage­ment and were adap­ted to custo­mer needs. At the same time the head of the compa­ny also began to open new markets actively (Russia, China, India etc.).Today the compa­ny C+M TRAMEC AG domici­led in Mauren, Liech­ten­stein not only exports their proven well estab­lished CENSOR Measu­ring and Sorting Machi­nes to Germa­ny and Euro­pe but on a world­wi­de scale.

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