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C+M Tramec AG

CENSOR Sorting machines – accurate approved established

C+M TRAMEC AG is an inno­va­ti­ve mecha­ni­cal engi­nee­ring compa­ny in the high-tech econo­mic area of Liech­ten­stein and Switz­er­land. Our CENSOR sorting machi­nes are leading in the field of high-perfor­mance measu­rement tech­no­lo­gy and auto­ma­tic sorting machi­nes for the roller-bearing indus­try.

CENSOR-Sorting Machines accurate approved established

Measu­ring and subse­quent measuring/grading of roller bodies is a essen­ti­al compo­nent in terms of quali­ty control and assuran­ce proces­ses in the bearing indus­try. Our proven CENSOR measu­ring and sorting machi­nes for deca­des are guaran­tors for quali­ty assuran­ce in the bearing indus­try.
CENSOR Sorting machi­nes are convin­cing by their measu­ring accu­ra­cy and perfor­mance. They are outstan­ding due to their prac­ti­cal approach and custo­mer orien­ted innovations.Our high perfor­mance sorting machi­nes are convin­cing by their

  • Varie­ty of scope of appli­ca­ti­on- avail­ab­le for balls cylind­ri­cal, taper and sphe­ri­cal rollers respec­tively and need­les
  • Diame­ter range vary­ing from 2 mm to 70 mm
  • Length range vary­ing from 4 mm to 110 mm
  • Measu­ring of diame­ter and length possi­ble in one pass
  • Align­ment of angle from 1°- 9° when measu­ring taper rollers
  • Number of sorting groups (depen­ding on machi­ne type up to 19 groups)
  • Various sorting programs for diame­ter and length
  • Short setup times
  • Lot sizes: diffe­rent machi­nes are avail­ab­le for small batches up high scale lot sizes
  • Capa­bi­li­ty of measu­ring system/ stati­on (Cg, Cgk)

Trust in us – the world­wi­de leading manu­fac­tu­rer of measu­ring and sorting machi­nes for roller bodies!

C+M Tramec AG

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